25/07/2013 07:26 BST | Updated 25/07/2013 08:44 BST

Wonga V The Church: Comparing Interest Rates Of Payday Loans And Credit Unions

Wonga Versus Credit Unions

You need some cash, fast. Who do you call?

On the one hand, there's Wonga, with its cuddly plastic mascots and 5,853% APR.

On the other hand, Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, who thinks credit unions are the solution.

Welby said on Thursday he wanted the unions to drive payday loans firms out of business.

Wonga boss Errol Damelin was unfazed, saying he would "welcome fresh approaches that give people a fuller set of alternatives to solve their financial challenges."

So who should you trust? We put the two to the test, looking for a £400 loan, to be paid back in a month.

According to the Association of British Credit Unions Ltd, the unions charge a maximum of 26.8% on the reducing balance of a loan, the equivalent of 2% a month.

There are no hidden charges or early repayment penalties.

Over the course of the four-week period, interest of £4.61 would accrue.

How about Wonga? Well, in the same four-week period, you'd accrue a hefty £119.04 in fees and interest.

That's an extra £114.43 in your pocket if you go to Mr Welby and his credit unions. It looks like the former oil executive means business - and Wonga and co could be left praying for their futures.