Joss Stone Speaks Out About Plot To Kill Her: 'It Was Like The Most Random Black Comedy'

Soul singer Joss Stone has said she reacted to a shocking plot to kill her by thinking of it as a "random black comedy".

The 26-year-old star was targeted by Kevin Liverpool, 35, and Junior Bradshaw, 32, who were sentenced to life and 18 years respectively over the plan to kidnap, rob and murder her.

Joss Stone

Stone told the Daily Mail's Event magazine: "I'm not going to change everything because of this. It didn't happen. Don't give it any more power and just get on with life.

"They didn't kill me, they didn't even harm me, the whole thing was this ridiculous, bizarre story that was in some ways like the most random black comedy. That's how I see it.

"They got caught, nothing happened to me. And when I speak about it, I don't want to carry any fear about it, make this thing that didn't actually happen affect the way I live."

The Super Duper Love singer added: "There was a big part of me that felt sorry for them, sorry for their mums. I kept thinking, 'What drives people to do something so awful as this?'."