Men-Ups! Rion Sabean's Pictures Of Male Pin-Ups Reverse Gender Stereotypes (PHOTOS)

Pouting and posing suggestively in tiny shorts, unzipped overalls and with a variety of phallic props, this bevvy of beauties would look at home on any top shelf.

If they weren’t all blokes, that is.

The gender-swapping images are aimed at reversing stereotypes and make up photographer Rion Sabean’s project Men-Ups!

Clumsy me! One of Rion Sabean's models looks coquettish after taking a tumble

And that the poses look so odd when men assume them, shows just how deeply these sexist stereotypes have become entrenched.

Sabean told the Huffington Post UK: “The reaction to the project has been great so far. I've had so many people reach out to me and tell me how much the images mean to them, and how they're happy to see the roles reversed in such a way.

"It's very satisfying to have the series understood by so many people. It means that people are really thinking about how females and males are bisected in culture, and how the many constructs we hold as truths, aren't so definite.

"Many people tend to believe that 'being a man' means something completely different than 'being a woman'. The ways we are taught to act and respond to the world are built on these assumptions that males and females can't share traits, or shouldn't.

"These gender rules mean nothing, because they are meaningless symbols built by society to categorise the sexes."

Rion Sabean's Male Pin-Up Photography