Samsung Galaxy S4 'Explodes And Burns Down Man's Flat In Hong Kong'

Exploding Phone 'Burns Down Man's House'

The perils of smartphones stretch far beyond RSI and 'Bejewelled'-inspired frustration it would appear - they can also set fire to your life's possessions.

This is what - allegedly - happened to one Hong Kong resident who heard a loud pop from his Samsung Galaxy S4 - while playing 'Love Machine' - which he then threw on his sofa in surprise.

The man, identified only as Du, claims that none of the parts were unofficial replacements, which have been blamed for some other similar incidents involving faulty chargers and batteries.

Thankfully Du and his wife both managed to escape from their flat unhurt.

An 18-year-old Swiss woman suffered severe burns when her Samsung Galaxy S3 with a third-party battery installed exploded.

These types of incidents are not just limited to Samsung products.

Apple are currently investigating whether or not a Chinese woman was electrocuted by her charging iPhone. Apple later issued advice for customers, stating explicitly not to use third-party chargers or cables with their products.


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