Hairless Baby Rabbit Named Delta Mouse Wears Factor 50 (PICTURES)

He’s teeny tiny, most of his fur has fallen out and he has to be slathered in factor 50 sunscreen whenever he goes outside.

But Delta Mouse is thriving nonetheless.

The bunny began shedding his fur after he was born six weeks ago, leaving him looking very bare indeed.

Delta Mouse's diminutive size is because he has pituitary dwarfism

He also has pituitary dwarfism making him so small that even a can of baked beans towers above him.

Owner Debbie Ikin revealed Delta Mouse’s condition has stumped her vet, who had only ever seen the condition in German Shepherds.

“They checked him over, but he appeared perfectly healthy,” she said.

“They said he was so small that just giving him a blood test could have made him anaemic, so they told us just to monitor his development.”

The baby bunny began losing his fur shortly after his birth six weeks ago

Although the little chap requires his eyes to bathed each morning to help him open them after they become stuck together overnight, he has astounded both his owners and vets by becoming stronger and mightier by the day.

Ikin, from Horwich, Greater Manchester, said: “He’s thriving and very spritely. He’s super friendly and loves to sit on your shoulder.

“He’s become quite a little celebrity, everyone wants to come round and see him and have their picture taken with him.

“Delta Mouse has become a member of the family, we’re completely taken with him.”

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