30/07/2013 11:57 BST | Updated 29/09/2013 06:12 BST

Kate Bush Celebrates Turning 55 Today, And We Celebrate Kate Bush

Noticing that today sees the 55th birthday of Kate Bush seemed as good an excuse as any to celebrate one of country's most revered, distinctive, authentic musicians.

In an age filled by Twitter-hungry celebrities happy to share their latest omelette-eating escapades, Ms Bush is noticeable by her silence, by her absence from the red carpets of premieres, awards ceremonies or other bulb-flashing big nights out.

Kate Bush has opted for a quiet life in recent years away from the cameras

This means we don't know much, and can only hope she remains happily instilled in her adopted home of Devon with her husband and son.

Kate Bush became the first British female singer-songwriter to top the charts in 1978

So, in the meantime, some stats - 10 albums, 25 hit singles, Brit Award, Ivor Novello Award, three Grammy nominations, and untold influence on a generation of female singers.

Kate Bush received a CBE in this year's New Year's Honours List

And, back where it all began, 1978 - Dave Gilmour's protegee burst onto the scene and changed it forever, with her interpretation of Emily Bronte's only novel... Take it away, KB, and happy birthday.

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