kate bush

Rufus sings the praises of Nina Simone, Pet Shop Boys and "patron saint" Kate Bush, and explains the notable absence of Judy Garland from his list.
The Naked Attraction host talks us through her favourite Pride tunes from George Michael to Kate Bush.
She was quoted in 2016 as saying Theresa May was the "best thing to happen to us in a long time".
'I think it’s the best thing that’s happened to us in a long time.'
Kate Bush has spoken of her high regard for British Prime Minister Theresa May. The Wuthering Heights songstress was promoting
Catherine's songs still have that uncanny quality of sounding, on first listen, like something you've already known and loved for some time but - like many songwriters - she's reluctant to describe her process.
Remember when all those little leather strings around your wrist were a thing, courtesy of Morten Harket and his a-Ha comrades
Photos of a handwritten letter and signed photograph sent from Kate Bush to a young fan have been revealed, after the item
I was fortunate in as much as I never suffered from stage fright. It might have been because I was in a nine-piece band and there is safety in numbers, or it might have been because I wasn't fronting the band, but in any case I was grateful for not having that burden.
The latest 'thing' doing the rounds on Facebook, is to list ten albums that have had the biggest personal import. They may or may not be your favourites, they may not be cool or classic; they just need to have resonated in some way.