Nasa Video Shows What It Looks (And Sounds) Like Fly 28 Miles Above Earth - And Fall Back Down


Nasa has posted a new video illustrating what it would look like if you were strapped to a rocket and sent 28 miles into the air, and then fell back down to Earth -- without being incinerated, frozen, evaporated, incinerated again or drowned.

The video, taken during a Space Shuttle launch, looks pretty astonishing, but it's really the sound that sets this clip apart. Created with the help of Skywalker Sound, the camera records everything from the roar of the solid rocket booster, the silence of space and then the gradual tearing of air as you tumble through the atmosphere and into the see.

The video is included in Nasa's Special Edition Ascent: Commemorating Space Shuttle DVD/BluRay, and was recently highlighted by NPR.

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