'Death Star' Moons Passing In The Night Pictured Around Saturn (PICTURES)

'Death Star' Pictured Around Saturn

It might look like something from a Galaxy Far, Far Away… but it's actually quite a bit closer to Earth.

Nasa and ESA's Cassini-Huygens spacecraft has produced some amazing images during its long, circular path around Saturn, but this might rank as one of the best - and one of the strangest.

The picture depicts the moons of Mimas and Pandora - and while the scientific merit of the picture is clear, it's also impossible to ignore the resemblance of the former, larger moon to the Death Star of Star Wars fame.

Pandora, the smallest of the two, is just 50 miles across and lacks sufficient gravity to pull itself into a circular shape.

Mimas, which is 246 miles across - actually much larger than the 120km Death Star 1 - is pictured at a distance of roughly 690,000 miles, at a scale of four miles per pixel.

The resemblance of Mimas to the fictional space station has been noted before, however - though as far as we know no white armoured clones have been discovered patrolling subterranean halls inside its rocky structure, as yet.


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