Magnetic Magic Carpet: MiCasa Labs' Device Impressive, Supports Weight Of An Average Pug

Ever had the niggling feeling something was missing from your life but you just couldn't quite place what it was? It was this baby pug on a floating carpet.

The neodymium magnet powered rug is the fruit of a project called MiCasa, a lab that develops more off-beat projects that may not necessarily be commercially viable but are none-the-less worth doing.

There is no explanation as to why it's wearing a hat...

Like floating a pug on a rug.

Per Cromwell who helped set up the lab, told Wired: "We wanted to create a platform where engineers and designers could experiment with new types of furniture.

"The main objective of the lab is to experiment."

The current incarnation of the rug can lift 2.4kg up to 7cm. Cromwell hopes to one day develop one that can lift a human.

And he's certainly ambitious. MiCasa is to be developed into a product development centre called Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery.

Asked where next for the lab he says: "Music, film, fashion, cars, houses, perfumes, food, running shoes and politics."

MiCasa previously drew a lot of attention last year with their Cocoon 1, a relaxation sphere that essentially turns you into a giant snow globe (see video below).

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