'Southcliffe' - Channel 4 Drama Set To Make 'Broadchurch' And 'The Fall' Look Like 'Rainbow'

The success of 'Broadchurch' and 'The Fall' has proved that British viewers have an appetite for a TV crime drama that leaves them unsettled, disturbed, harrowed even.

But Channel 4's new drama 'Southcliffe' - which debuts this Sunday evening at 9pm - is set to challenge our most shockable palates.

Sean Harris stars in 'Southcliffe' - Channel 4's new shocking drama

Over the course of four weeks, we drift backwards and forwards in time, tracking the events leading up to and after a Dunblane-esque shooting by one town resident, Stephen Norton, played both gruesomely and sympathetically by actor Sean Harris.

As with the phenomenal 'Broadchurch', the action isn't in the crime itself, the horribly random targeting of inhabits in this case, it's all in the relationships between the different characters - uncommunicative families, husbands having affairs, traumatised servicemen, the different types we might see in any small community.

Rory Kinnear plays a reporter brought back to his childhood home, now the scene of a massacre

Rory Kinnear (a busy man, with confirmation that he is to play Lord Lucan in a forthcoming ITV drama just annoucned), plays a reporter returning to his childhood town to report on the tragedy, and it is through his eyes that we witness the scene.

But, again like 'Broadchurch', it is an ensemble piece first and foremost, with a fine cast revealing their struggles to relate to each other before the shootings, the trauma of the day itself, and their separate silent grief afterwards.

You have been warned.

Sunday 9pm, Channel 4. Trailer above, pictures below...

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