01/08/2013 06:11 BST | Updated 30/09/2013 06:12 BST

Apple iPad Mini Update 'Will Have Retina Display' - Made By Samsung?

The rumours regarding Apple's upcoming iPad Mini revision have been about as inconsistent as, well, any other rumour concerning Apple products.

But this one seems to have a bit more weight to it - even if it's just that the unnamed sources cited are quoted by the Wall Street Journal rather than Digitimes.

The Journal says that Apple's suppliers are preparing for a new iPad mini with - you guessed it - a Retina high-resolution display.

The decision to build the new Mini with a better screen wouldn't be all that surprising. It was widely regarded as the small tablet's only major flaw on its release last year, and with Google's new, and significantly cheaper HD Nexus 7 about to hit the international market the need for a response is higher than ever.

But the rollout might cause problems as well as opportunities for Apple. The sheer number of screens needed means they're sourcing displays from LG, Sharp and Samsung.

That Apple would work with Samsung is not as surprising as you might think - in fact the two companies have worked together for about a decade on everything from iPad chips to iPhone processors.

The WSJ also reports that the new tablet might come in a variety of colours, though it adds that Apple is not totally decided on the specific range it will offer at launch.

As ever with these sorts of rumours, it's worth taking it all with a healthy pinch of salty raised eyebrows. None of the companies said to be involved offered any comment.