Bird Poo Facials: A Geisha-Inspired Beauty Treatment Taking New York By Storm

Next time bird poo plops on your head, you may want to think twice before screaming and wiping it out with a tissue. Instead why not smear it all over your face, as is custom at one New York beauty spa.

OK OK, it's not quite the same... in the Big Apple as part of an ancient Japanese Geisha-inspired facial, nightingale droppings are sterilised and mixed as part of an organic blend.

It might seem bizarre, but the spa owner, Shizuka Bernstein, says the $180 one-hour facial is her most popular.

On bird poo fan, New York-based model Mari Miyoshi says the mixture was prickly at first, but then she feels sweet sensation that reminds her of Rice Krispies. Hmm...

As the video reveals not everyone is convinced. What do you make of the facial?