20 Women You Should Follow On Twitter (PICTURES)

20 Women You Should Follow On Twitter

Fans of Twitter can't help have noticed that the site has become a bit of a battleground for women, of late.

Recent threats of violence towards female users have cast a shadow over a social media site that is normally a safe -- if highly irascible -- space for conversation.

Just days after HuffPost UK Lifestyle reported on rape threats tweeted to Caroline Criado-Perez (a modern feminist who successfully fought to keep women on British bank notes), three female journalists received identical tweets that threatened their homes with a bomb attack.

While this social media landscape might sound frightening, the scene is also an indication of how powerful women are becoming on Twitter. From modern feminists on a mission to gals who just love the sound of their own voices, the Twitter-verse ain't the boys club that it once was.

Of the top 10 Twitter handles in the world, half are associated with women, with Lady Gaga leading the way in her bid to take girl power to a new dimension.

Here are 20 women who you should support today -- and help squash the minority who still see women as easy prey.

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