05/08/2013 11:44 BST | Updated 05/08/2013 11:58 BST

Driver Daisy Abela Tweets That She 'Purposely' Ran Over A Cyclist

A driver has sparked anger on Twitter by apparently boasting about running over a cyclist.

The tweet, from an account saying it belonged to Daisy Abela, from Bromley, said: "Just had a full on barney with a cyclist he started banging on my roof so I purposely run him over LOL see yaaaaa #cunts"

She added: "I'm cracking up at what's just happened I was purely abusing him and he started screaming at me about the highway code", and said "I was definitely still drunk".

The offending tweet has since been deleted

The message got a furious reaction on Twitter, particularly from cyclists:

The tweets were then deleted and replaced by a different version:

The revised account said the cyclist had sworn and spat at her, but admitted her original tweets had appeared "frankly disgraceful".

The episode has echoes of the case of Emma Way, whose tweet about hitting a cyclist created a storm and led to her making a tearful apology on television.