05/08/2013 11:31 BST | Updated 05/10/2013 06:12 BST

Google Glass 'Crosshairs' Funded On Kickstarter (PICTURES)

The privacy concerns involved in wearing Google Glass are substantial and largely unresolved. So it's a bold early adopter who decides to attach a cross-hair to the device before stepping out in public.

But that's exactly what at least 82 Google Glass wearers appear to be ready to do, after funding a Kickstarter project to make a series of "fun" lens covers and accessories for the controversial gadget.

'GlassKap' is essentially a series of small, inexpensive 3D-printed plastic add-ons for Google Glass which make it look either more friendly, more useful or more terrifying.

On the friendly side is a wearable plant pot complete with plastic flower, a pencil holder and an "On Air" sign reminding those around you that you're potentially recording everything they do.

As for the useful versions, there's a clippable lens cover designed to reassure anyone around you concerned about the camera that you're not actually using it - though allowing you to still check email and Google stuff.

And then there's the cross-hairs, a slightly terrifying (but essentially good-natured) addition which jokingly references films like The Terminator, bringing an air of joyful menace to your post-human cyborgian self.

The project easily met its $1,500 goal, eventually taking in more than $2,500 - not massive by Kickstarter standards, but not bad. One backer even pledged $350 in return for a full set of accessories, and a T-shirt.

Inventor Todd Blatt from Custom 3D Stuff - and one of the original 10,000 Google Glass 'Explorers' - said that is initial aim was to address privacy, but that this soon spiralled into just having fun with the 3D-printing service Shapeways.

"My original goal was to engineer a lens cover, one that would be easy to use and assuage privacy concerns. Once I began, ideas flowed like Klingon Blood Wine."