05/08/2013 07:15 BST | Updated 05/10/2013 06:12 BST

iPhone 6 Concept Imagines First True Edge-To-Edge Phone (PICTURES)

Johnny Plaid

According to most predictions, the next iPhone won't be tremendously exciting (unless you really like fingerprint scanners). But then doesn't everyone say that before something really, really cool comes along?

So let's allow ourselves to dream a little.

Johnny Plaid, a graphic designer from California, has come up with a great new conceptual design for a device which - in a very subtle, but precise, way, blows our minds.

The idea is essentially a "true edge-to-edge" phone, where the screen continues around the edge and onto the sides of the device.

The effect is impressive - a gentle but definite step forward in hardware design.

And while third-party concept renders of upcoming devices have a tendency to look utterly ridiculous about two minutes after the hypothesised product is actually released, we think this one is elegant enough to hold its value.

Take a look, below, and head over to his Behance page for more details.