05/08/2013 05:21 BST

Woman Buys £870 iPhones From Gumtree, Gets Two Actual Apples Instead

How much would you pay to get two of your five-a-day? £1? £1.50?

How about £873? This is the amount an unfortunate Australian lady handed over for two fresh apples thinking she was actually buying two iPhones.

The 21-year-old dupee had placed an ad on Gumtree asking if anyone had one of the devices for sale, reports the Herald Sun.

This model of Apple has slightly limited specs

Her ad was answered by a woman who arranged to meet at a McDonalds in Sunnybank, Brisbane.

Once there our hapless victim handed over the sizeable sum in exchange for two iPhone boxes - without checking inside.

It was only later she found the pieces of fruit inside.

Police issued a warning telling buyers to be "wary" of offers online that look too good to be true.

Perhaps you should also steer clear of making fast food parking lots your marketplace of choice and ALWAYS look in the box before you leave.

As ridiculous as this story sounds it is far from an isolated case. Last year a woman in Texas paid $200 (£130) for a mirror thinking it was an iPad.

An even more brazen scam happened the year before when a South Carolina woman paid $180 (£117) for an iPad sized piece of wood with an Apple logo scratched into it.