Does The Twist In This Push-Up Bra Advert Stop It From Being Seedy? (VIDEO)

As soon as you push play, you can see where this video is going - a woman stares seductively at the camera, hair blowing black, hand running flirtatiously along the buttons of her blouse... she's going to take her clothes off.

But as the advert progresses, there is a twist. Can you guess what it is? We did.According to Buzzfeed (who reference the YouTube translation) the ad is for the Wacoal (a lingerie company headquartered in Japan) Mood Boost-Up Bra, which adds 2 cup sizes.

The ad is a play on lingerie ads which always tend to cater for men rather than the women wearing their products - but is it sufficiently tongue in cheek or the wrong side of seedy? Let us know in the comments below.