07/08/2013 10:19 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Interview: Simone Rocha Talks Tea, Glastonbury And The Duchess Of Cambridge

Simone Rocha is the designer who makes all the girls swoon. She's a Central St Martins grad (class of 2011), already showed for six seasons at London Fashion Week AND she's Creative Director for Cointreau. Impressive for a 26-year-old, no?

The pressure ahead of LFW in September would drive many a sane woman mad, but as we discovered Simone's pretty cool about being fashion's Bright Young Thing...


When you're working, what are you listening to?
Anthony and The Johnsons.

When it comes to fashion and film - do you have a favourite?
Yes, Paris Texas. A sad love story - the female is a bit of a lost soul, but she's beautiful. Also the colours are amazing!

What kind of girl wears Simone Rocha?
Any young girl interested in fashion looking for something they can relate to, something feminine and youthful. Something wearable - nothing that alienates her too much.

Do you try to blur the lines when it comes to gender in your collections?
Definitely - it's about creating a balance and a contrast between masculinity and femininity so that the clothes have a harder, cooler edge. I really like to work in this way.

Six collections at just 26 years old - that's impressive. When do you take holiday?
To relax I spend time with friends and family in London or Ireland. There hasn't been any big holiday get-away but I travel a lot with work so I've been to Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York.

Oh, and I went to Glastonbury this year - which was long, but brilliant! The Stones were great, Django Django were amazing and The Smashing Pumpkins too! Very Nineties nostalgia.

What do you wear at the weekend?
Runners! My Reebok classics with a casual shirt and skirt.

When you look back at your first collection from 2011 what do you think?
I still really like it - all the lace and plastics. It was very much about what I was trying to say then about experimental fabrications and it was a great starting point to keep building on. It was a really exciting time, my first show off schedule after coming out of Central Saint Martins - it was SUPER exciting.

What inspires you?
I am hugely inspired by art and photography. For example Sarah Moon and Perry Ogden's collection on Irish kids in Dublin called The Pony Kids. I love Francis Bacon and Louise Bourgeois too.

What do you think of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton's style?
It really suits her, she's very classic. I think she's been fabulous, I LOVED the royal wedding and that Alexander McQueen dress.

Would you ever go into bridal design?
No! A few people have got married in my dresses though and I think it's really special that someone would pick my design for their day.

When you're not drinking your signature Cointreau fizz cocktail it's...?
Weak tea with no milk, no sugar - Earl Grey or peppermint.

Who would be your ideal poster girl for your label?
It isn't about one woman or one celebrity for me. It's about a femininity that all girls can really relate to.

Simone Rocha is Cointreau's Creative Director. The Cointreau Privé designed by Simone Rocha is open from 13-22 September at St Martins Lane and guests can register to attend here.