Lady Gaga Naked In NSFW Marina Abramovic Institute Video

We're starting to properly, properly worry about Lady Gaga's big comeback now.

First there was the fact she seems to be modelling her look on Marilyn Manson, then new leaked track 'Aura' got a mauling by critics, and now she's been prancing around TOTALLY naked trying to be all annoyingly high-brow.

Of course, Lady Gaga has long been up to pretentious twaddle, but this attempt at being all arty-farty is quite simply the most ridiculous yet - even for the most ardent of Little Monsters.

Gaga stars in a new Kickstarter video for the Marina Abramovic Institute - an organisation which (in their words) is "dedicated to the presentation and preservation of long durational work, including that of performance art, dance, theater, film, music, opera, and other forms that may develop in the future."

In the two minute clip, a blindfolded Lady G poses fully nude (we're talking Lady Ga-garden and everything) in a field before curling up with some ice cubes as her fringe covers her eyes, as some twit screams over the top of it - apparently it's the 66-year-old performance artist's 'method'.

But while we long for the Kermit-the-frog-wearing Gaga of old, with her new album being called 'ARTPOP', we're getting a feeling this sort of nonsense is just a taster of what's to come.

Hit play on above to watch the video...

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