08/08/2013 08:04 BST | Updated 08/10/2013 06:12 BST

'Looking For Hortense' Exclusive Clip: Kristin Scott Thomas Stars In French Drama

Kristin Scott Thomas has got a double life.

Most English cinephiles who've seen her over the years ('English Patient, 'Four Weddings', 'Gosford Park') have got used to her cool, haughty style and see her as a convincing representative of some sort of upper-class English beauty.

kristin scott thomas

Kristin Scott Thomas in 'Searching for Hortense'

But, long before she confounded all those myths with an unsettling turn in Ryan Gosling's brutal thriller 'Only God Forgives' - where one description of her was as Caligula crossed with Mary Beard' - she has been conducting a very different career on the other side of the Channel, starring in a series of sometimes disturbing, often independent thrillers and dramas, where she speaks French like a native.

This week's French drama 'Looking For Hortense' taps into this alternative life. Scott Thomas plays Iva Delusi, a theatre director who asks her professor husband Damien for a big favour from his estranged father.

WATCH our exclusive clip above.

During one of the scenes, Damien tells his wife that he finds her "beautiful, tragic even" - a fitting description of Scott Thomas in any language. The Hollywood Reporter describes her here as being "in top form".

'Searching For Hortense' is in selected UK cinemas from Friday 9 August. Watch the trailer below...