Horse Caeser, 11, 'Battered To Death With Fence Post' Near Manchester

Police are investigating after a horse was reportedly beaten to death with a fence post.

It is thought a group of children could be responsible for the horror attack near Manchester.

Cheshire Police say they were to Castle Hill Farm in Altrincham following reports of a horse being injured.

Caeser was rushed to hospital

The horse, an 11-year-old called Caesar, was rushed to a veterinary hospital in Liverpool - but its injuries were so severe it was eventually put to sleep, more than a week after the attack.

Owner Sarah Whitehead said she had been told by onlookers that a gang of children could have been involved in the incident, at 2.30pm on Sunday, July 21.

A police spokeswoman said: “Investigations are continuing into how the horse got his injuries and it has not yet been determined how they were caused.

"Inquiries are continuing into what actually happened and if anyone was responsible for inflicting the injuries.”

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