09/08/2013 05:58 BST | Updated 08/10/2013 06:12 BST

Nasa Views Perseid Meteor Shower Days Before Predicted Peak (VIDEO)

Astronomers - and virtually anyone with a decent telescope and a view of the right bit of the sky - are looking forward to the annual Perseid meteor shower, set to hit its peak on August 12.

But those with telescopes with a bit more firepower are already getting good results. Like, you know, Nasa.

Nasa reports that its Meteoroid Environment Office has already taken some decent video of the meteors streaking across the upper atmosphere.

Take a look, below. And on the night itself, head over to Nasa's website for a live chat with resident astronomer Bill Cooke and other team members from the Meteoroid office. The Guardian also has a good guide to getting the best view.

Nasa said:

"Perseid rates can get as high as 100 per hour, with many fireballs visible in the night sky. Early in the evening, a waxing crescent moon will interfere slightly with this year's show, but it will have set by the time of the best viewing, just before dawn."