'Spirit Story Box' Is The Only Ghost-Hunting iPhone App You Will Ever Need

iPhone App Tells You What Ghosts Are 'Thinking'

Good news if your family history searches have hit a dead-end: 'Spirit Story Box' is a new-app that claims to detect ghosts and interpret messages from them by "examining values within the device that a spirit should theoretically be able to manipulate".

The app, news of which comes to us via HuffPost US, displays said other-wordly communications on your screen.

A quick scan of the Huff Post UK office revealed a spirit with the urge to inform us they were feeling "fresh".

This was quickly supplemented with "malady" which - rather unnervingly - refers to a chronic disease.

The app is probably based on solid scientific data

As far as ghost-detecting apps go it is without doubt the best/only one to have graced this reporter's iPhone, and as such is highly recommended.

If you feel the need to tell your friends you're communicating with the dead you can also forward the messages to anyone you don't mind thinking you've totally lost it.

The paranormal pair behind the app are Roger Pingleton and Jill Beitz, who told the Indy Star the app had been used to hunt for ghosts at the Wayne County Historical Museum.

Pingleton said: "They had a blast with it,” Pingleton said. “They had numerous words spoken that related directly to the areas where they were hunting."


Update: The final scan reveals "fresh, malady, clerk, appendix, take photo, son".

Spirit Story Box can be yours for the bargain price of just 69p but Android users are woefully uncatered for.

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