Diamonds Levitated With Light, For Science (VIDEO)

Researchers have managed to suspend a diamond in space using light.

A team at the University of Rochester, New York, trapped the nanodiamonds in free space by trapping them with lasers, in a process known as photoluminescence.

The experiment used diamonds just 100 nanometres in width - about 1/1000 times the width of a human hair.

"Now that we have shown we can levitate nanodiamonds and measure photoluminescence from defects inside the diamonds, we can start considering systems that could have applications in the field of quantum information and computing," said assistant professor Nick Vamivakas.

The team said possible applications could include the creation of "Schrödinger Cat states", where large-scale systems are in two quantum states at once. Which is just wild.

Read more about the experiment at the University's website, or watch the video below.