10 Ways To Get The Most From Your Mobile Devices (PICTURES)

Surprising Things Your Smartphone Can Do (PICTURES)

It may be a myth that humans only make use of a small percentage of their brains, but it’s certainly true of their mobile devices.

When you consider the myriad apps available to download, and add to that the growing trend for ‘smart’ mobile accessories, even the most devoted technophile can do little more than scratch the surface of his smartphone or tablet’s true potential.

Did you know, for instance, your smartphone has the capacity to fake an incoming call to help extricate you from a bad date? Or that it can help you to catch criminals, or tell you whether you’re over the limit before you get behind the wheel?

Where there is an everyday need, there is an app to help. And where there is a once-in-a-lifetime obscure requirement, there is an app to help for that, too.

But according to market research company, Trendspotting, “apps alone are no longer satisfying” consumers. Their ‘Trends And Innovations In Mobile Accessories Report’ identifies a growing demand for ‘smart’ accessories – additional hardware that attaches to mobile devices to improve and enhance their basic features.

Gadgets to upgrade your camera, Bluetooth speakers to pump up the bass, cases that double up as battery chargers, fitness and health trackers to keep you in shape, games-console add-ons… your smartphone just got a hell of a lot smarter.

But with so many apps and accessories to choose from, where do you begin finding the right ones for you?

To help you navigate the minefield, we’ve pulled together some of the best new accessories and apps to help you make the most of your mobile devices.

Boostcase Hybrid for iPhone 5

10 Ways To Get More From Your Mobile Devices


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