Facebook Says It Has 24 Million Unique Users Every Day In The UK

24 Million British People Use Facebook Every Day

Facebook has announced its latest UK-specific usage numbers.

In short: it has lots.

Facebook says that 24 million people in the UK now use Facebook every single day.

That compares to 33 million who use the site every month - indicating that there are a huge number of people who cannot go 24 hours without visiting the site.

Admittedly, the numbers are a little counter-intuitive, in that they do not mean that 9 million people visit the site only once a month. There are an average of 24 million people on the site each day, but they aren't necessarily the same people every day.

Regardless, it's impressive. So are their mobile numbers. Facebook has 26 million unique mobile users per month, and 20 million a day.

It's worth noting, however, that these are internal numbers, so we have no way of checking them. By comparison, a glance at the partially panel-based industry traffic monitor Comscore shows that Facebook had about 30.4 million unique monthly users in the UK in June 2013 - slightly more than reported by the social network - but only 12.6 million daily users.

Comscore also suggests that Facebook's total unique users has actually declined in the UK since February - though it's only down 1.4%, which wouldn't be unexpected in the summer months.

In a statement via its PR agency, Facebook said that "businesses should focus on people who come back online every single day".

"People are online numerous times in a single day and are constantly connected; creating, sharing and engaging with the content that matters to them. For advertisers, this will help them create campaigns that can reach the right people at the right time on both desktop and mobile."


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