WATCH: Nicole Kidman Talks Of Princess Role, As Grace Kelly In Forthcoming Biopic 'Grace Of Monaco' (VIDEO)

Nicole Kidman and her best friend Naomi Watts are currently running in parallel when it comes to their acting choices.

For as Watts prepares for the reception of her portrayal as Diana, Princess of Wales, Kidman is preparing to debut her take on another much-loved, much-missed princess.

Nicole Kidman in character as Princess Grace

In 'Grace of Monaco', the Aussie star portrays the former actress turned royal consort Grace Kelly, who died in a car crash in 1982.

But her film, unlike that of Watts', focues on an earlier chapter in the Princess's life, when she got involved in a dispute between her husband Prince Rainier, and the French President Charles De Gaulles, with a French invasion of Monaco even looming, in the 1960s.

WATCH Nicole Kidman in the interview above give her take on what is bound to be forensically examined footage of one Oscar winner taking on another...

Nicole, not in character