Three-Legged Baby Born In China Leaves Parents Stunned

A baby with three legs has been born in China, it has been revealed.

A stunned young couple are now frantically seeking help after their daughter was born with the additional limb in Xingtai, in northern China's Hebei Province.

The baby was initially dumped by her mother at a local orphanage, but after missing the helpless infant and feeling wracked with guilt, the new mum went back and reclaimed her baby.

The three-legged child is in now in need of urgent surgery

Little Wang Jiaqian's mother was unable to explain the little girl's extra appendage.

"At birth her private parts had a fist-sized bump. And quickly the bump developed into another leg," she said, speaking to Rex Features.

She and her husband are now seeking donations to pay for urgent medical treatment for their daughter so she can lead a normal life.

The incident is not the first time such an odd occurrence has happened in China.

Last year, another little girl was abandoned after also being born with a superfluous limb.

The little girl was discovered after she was left on the street in the Shishan township of Nan'an city in February.