14/08/2013 21:46 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

What's The Best Way To Do The School Run? Have Your Say And Vote Now

Have your say on the best way to do the school run. Vote now Alamy

Here at Parentdish we've teamed up with three brilliant bloggers to debate the best way to get your children to school, on time and in perfect harmony (none of that 'I can't believe you've forgotten your PE bag/recorder/lunch' once you're at the school gates).

We want to find out what you, our Parentdish audience, think is the best way to take your children to school - and what you actually do?

Do you drive?

Do you share the same viewpoint as Claire from Seasider in the City and take the car for the school commute? In an argument that many of you must share, she says: "Driving to school gives me an 30 extra minutes in the morning to sleep, eat, plan my day and maybe even brush my hair.

"Once parked, my five-year-old is just about capable of carrying his water bottle the couple of hundred yards into school – muggins here gets the pleasure of the book bag, PE kit and lunch.

There is no way I fancy carrying that lot the mile and a half to school – let alone all the way home with the additional various junk modelling 'masterpieces' that have been created during the day!'

Do your children do the school run by bus?

Laura from Little Stuff loves the independence her children gain from going on the bus. Do you agree?

She says: "My kids get the bus to school and it's great because it makes them schedule their own time, and gives them independence.

"They're in a safe environment, and of course it's definitely greener than 30 parents driving individually."

And what about walking?

Kellie from Big Fashionista walks to and from school with her children. She says: "I'm lucky that I live within walking distance of my children's school.

"The walk from school each day has always been a highlight of my time with my children. What better time is there - when you are not harassed or doing 30 things at once - to chat with your children and learn about their day.

"We also have fun on the school run, it's not just Peppa Pig who likes to jump in muddy puddles you know!"

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