A-Levels: 10 Business Tycoons Who Succeeded Without Them

Why Can You Still Make Millions Without A-Levels?
businessman climbing a ladder...
businessman climbing a ladder...

A-Level Results Day has dawned for 2013 as thousands of students across the country get their results and find out if they're off to the university of their choice.

Fortunately, a record number of students have been accepted into university. But what about the rest of the students who didn't get the results they want?

Business groups say young people should consider vocational education, like apprenticeships, rather than fixing their sights on university.

Many famous businesspeople have made millions and been big successes without getting good A-levels, or any A-levels at all, from Virgin boss Richard Branson to TV Dragon Duncan Bannatyne.

To show that all is not lost if you don't get a perfect rack of A's as A-level results, HuffPostUK has compiled a list of business tycoons who didn't let their lack of degree stop them succeeding.


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