How Old Are Your Ears? Test Your Hearing (VIDEO)

Finding yourself in need of an ear trumpet? This fascinating video from Asap SCIENCE tests the frequencies at which you can hear, and then reveals the age bracket for each level.

"The inner ear does not have the capacity to regenerate," says the narrator, and then goes on to explain that the reason why you can hear higher frequencies when you are younger is because the hair tuned to high pitches are the first to encounter soundwaves.

The older you are, the harder it is to hear high frequencies.

Here are signs that you may be suffering from hearing loss:

  • Do other people seem to mumble rather than speak clearly to you?
  • Do people often have to repeat things for you before you understand what they say?
  • Do you have difficulty understanding what is being said in noisy places, such as pubs or restaurants, although other people manage to have conversations?
  • When you are talking to people in a group, is it hard to keep up with the conversation?
  • Do you find it tiring to listen to conversations because you have to concentrate hard?
  • Do other people think your television or music is too loud but you cannot hear it properly if they turn it down?
  • Do you often have difficulty hearing on the telephone?

Source:Age UK

Tell us what frequency you were able to hear in the comments below!

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