Russian Meteor In Chelyabinsk Emitted Dust Which Travelled A Long, Long Way (VIDEO)

In February of this year an 18-metre-wide meteor weighing 11,000 tons hit the Earth's atmosphere above Russia at 41,600 mph.

The residents of the town of Chelyabinsk were treated to the incredible site of it blazing across the morning sky - although the sonic boom it created injured 1000 people.

Nick Gorkavyi, an atmospheric physicist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center who grew up in Chelyabinsk, said: "We wanted to know if our satellite could detect the meteor dust.

"Indeed, we saw the formation of a new dust belt in Earth's stratosphere, and achieved the first space-based observation of the long-term evolution of a bolide plume."

And how far did it go? A long, long way. Watch the video to find out.

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