Skylanders Is The UK's Biggest-Selling Toy, Activision Says (INFOGRAPHIC)

If you're over 11 years old, and don't have kids under 11 years old, you might only be dimly aware of Skylanders. But just how popular is Activision's toys-video games combo series?

Turns out it's the most popular. As in, the biggest-selling toy in the UK.

According to Activision's latest figures, the Skylanders franchise has generated more than $1.5 billion in sales so far, and Skylanders Giants was the number one best-selling console and hand-held game in dollars in North America and Europe for 2013.

Take a look at Activision's snazzy (and rather silly) graphic - their second of the week - to see just how big a task is facing Disney Infinity in its race to unseat the king of expandable action-figure video games.