Lebanese Bride & Groom Pose at Site Of Car Bomb That Killed 27 In Beirut (PICTURE)

Draped in a frothy white wedding gown, this bride is like any other enjoying her big day.

And indeed it would be a typical marriage celebration, were it not for the broken glass and destroyed buildings that surround her and her cheering groom.

The pair were pictured with their wedding party in Beirut’s Rweiss neighbourhood, just three days after a car bomb killed at least 27 people.

The bride and groom pose for photographs in Beirut's Rweiss neighbourhood, days after a car bomb killed 27 people

The toll was the highest since a Beirut car bomb killed former prime minister Rafik al-Hariri and 22 others in February 2005.

Shia Hezbollah has blamed the bombing on radical Sunni Muslims.

It follows months of growing sectarian tension in Lebanon fuelled in part by Hezbollah’s intervention against Sunni Muslim rebels in Syria’s civil war, the Gulf Times writes.

Beirut Car Blast