Converted Garage On Sale As £250,000 Highgate Village 'One-Bedroom Studio'


A former garage has been put on sale as a "one-bedroom studio" in Highgate, north London, for £250,000.

The unit, sold by Winkworths, offers 224 sq ft of space, with a kitchenette and shower/bathroom partition. If you don't want to buy the property outright, you can rent it for £300 a week. The 'property' is located just off Highgate High Street.

This property is just £50,000 cheaper than a Chelsea parking space, which was put on sale just last month at £300,000. However, the Highgate converted garage would be nearly twice as expensive as the average price of a UK home.

A spokesperson from Winkworths told the Huffington Post UK that the property was not a purpose-built residential unit.

"The property is a commercial unit where there is informal permission to sleep over," she said. Despite this, it is billed as having one bedroom and listed as a 'one bedroom studio'.

All yours for £250,000 - or £300 a week.

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