Hot-Dog Legs: The Ultimate Way To Cure Holiday Envy?

When holiday envy strikes it can rot people from the inside out. We'd know, we've been inflicted from time to time.

In the past the only known cure for the disease is to cut off all holidaying friends for at least six months to avoid tales of holiday romances and comparing tan-lines.

But with the rise in social media, it seems there may be no escape from smug holidaymakers. Selfies are on the rise - in particular those of tanned, sun-soaked legs with a beach/pool/palm-tree* backdrop. (*delete as appropriate.)

It seems there is only one cure. And as the saying goes if you can't beat them, join them (and rip the piss out them).

Enter Hot-Dog Legs, the hilarious new Tumblr that swaps legs for Frankfurters and challenges you *points finger* to tell the difference.

If there's any way for the office-bound to overcome the holiday envy virus, HuffPost UK Lifestyle think we've found it.

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