The Sims 4: EA Announces Life Sim Sequel At Gamescom 2013 (VIDEO)

Dust Off Your Sim-Lish Dictionary: 'The Sims' Are Back

EA has unveiled the hugely anticipated life-simulation game 'The Sims 4' at its Gamescom 2013 press conference in Cologne, Germany.

'The Sims' is the best-selling PC game in history, with more than 150 million units sold in the series so far.

The new game looks set to add more detailed emotional relationships between your different Sims, more intuitive building, room and character creation tools (with 18 mouldable 'touch points' plus customisable walks) and - presumably - another extensive range of expansion packs.

Rachel Franklin, VP and executive producer at Maxis, said that the game would enable players' Sims to "come to life".

In a brief demo she showed off the new range of tools to make your dream house, decorate rooms and even drop pre-decorated wings onto your house - something new to the series.

She also showcased the depth of Sims' relationships by showing how a scripted 'love-triangle' will play out in unexpected ways in the game.

Much remains to be unveiled about the new 'Sims' game ahead of its launch in 2014 - let alone a specific launch date. We're hoping to get a closer look at Gamescom.


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