Transgender Woman In Russia Beaten In Sickening Attack Posted On YouTube (GRAPHIC VIDEO)


A video has emerged on YouTube purportedly showing a group of five men brutally attacking a transgender woman in a park in Russia.


The sickening film, uploaded over the weekend, shows the woman being ambushed and then kicked, beaten and stripped, before being dragged around the ground as her assailants laugh.

Thankfully, the woman seemingly escapes her attackers, but only after a severe beating that lasts for several minutes. She also has the contents of her purse emptied.

The video is the latest in a raft of terrifying clips to emerge from Russia, which recently enacted an anti-gay law as President Putin looks to gain support from the Russian Orthodox Church.

The so-called anti-gay propaganda legislation has drawn international ire, particularly ahead of the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi. Yet despite condemnation from around the world, vigilante attacks, in which young gay and transgender men and women are attacked on video, are becoming increasingly common on Russian social media sites.

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