World's Tallest LEGO Tower Built In Delaware, USA (PICTURES)

A group of students in Delaware, USA, have reportedly broken the world record for the world's tallest free-standing tower made of Lego bricks.

The team from John Dickinson High School built the 112-feet tower from more than 500,000 brice.

It currently stands more than five stories high, and the final piece was fitted on Monday in front of a Guiness World Record Book representative.

The previous record holder - the 106-foot Prague tower - is now shunted down to second place.

The record was briefly held by the UK's Legoland team, who built the tallest tower in both 2008 and 2012, but have now been left far behind.

According to Gizmodo the students gave up their entire summer to work on the tower.

Interestingly the school involved answered a list of frequently asked questions from parents about the project in which they insisted the build was an academic activity.

They said:

"This project is an academic activity. Students from around the district have been involved in many different instructional activities related to this project. Some students have spoken with architects and engineers about careers. Other students have learned about proportions and ratios using the bricks. Still other students have used estimating skills. The project even has applications in social studies. Students have learned about the Lego corporation, and talked about economic concepts related to buying hundreds of thousands of Lego pieces. Equally as important, students have worked together to achieve a common goal."