Paintings By Rescued Chimpanzees Are Colourful, Life-Affirming (PICTURES)


We're not just about the LOLZ here at HuffPost UK Comedy. We're also about the heartwarming.

And prepare to shed a little tear at these wonderful works below: colourful paintings by rescued chimps.

Art is one of the enrichment activities enjoyed by many retired chimpanzees - and so the Humane Society of the United States has teamed up with six sanctuaries from the North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance to showcase the talents of their residents.

Check them out in our slideshow below - and then go to the Humane Society website to vote for your favourite. The results will be announced on August 29 - and the winning sanctuaries will each receive a prize from The HSUS.

Patti's painting

Chimpanzee Paintings