Luisa Zissman Hits Back At Twitter Haters With Bikini Selfie - Take That Critics! (PICTURE)

Luisa Hits Back At Twitter Haters The Only Way She Knows How

Luisa Zissman has treated fans to yet another picture of herself frolicing in a bikini, as the 'Apprentice' star hit back at a Twitter troll who claimed she was a bad role model.

The entrepreneur - who finished second on the BBC reality show, and also owns two bakery businesses - was having a row with one user on the social networking site, who was berating her over the pictures of her and Moshi Monsters boss Michael Acton Smith in the back of a cab.

Luisa Zissman

As the spat escalated with the user calling her out for wearing skimpy outfits and parading around in her bikini, Luisa used her secret weapon - her body - to silence her critic.

Posting the saucy snap, she wrote: "Come to the conclusion @TheEmmaWalker fancies me her constant googling of me half naked proves this so Emma just 4 u.

"Emma news flash darling u can have a really fun crazy personal life AND be good at business it's not a compromise," she also tweeted.

We couldn't agree more. You tell her, Luisa!

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Luisa Zissman: Her 100 Sexiest Pictures

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