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If we don't teach our kids we love them for who they are, we're setting them up for a lifetime of feeling inadequate.
She made the admission after a school in the US was criticised for offering "retouching" services to class picture of 8-year-olds.
'She is absolutely perfect and we are totally in love with her.' 💞
Luisa Zissman has given birth to her third child. The 30-year-old mum revealed on Instagram on Thursday 30 November that
Luisa Zissman has revealed she struggled with motherhood the first time around, admitting that she called her first daughter
'Literally don’t enjoy anything about pregnancy.'
Luisa Zissman has said she “hates growing babies” in her latest Instagram post, and mums know the feeling only too well. The
Luisa Zissman has announced she’s pregnant with her third child. The 30-year-old, known for taking part in ‘The Apprentice