Former Anorexic Grainne Binns Starts Inspirational Blog That Celebrates Fit, Strong Women

Not so long ago, pro-anorexia blogs (or 'pro-ana') were what fuelled 17-year-old Grainne Binns' eating disorder, but now the young student from Dublin has harnessed the internet to help herself and other anorexia sufferers.

Grainne has started an amazing blog on Tumblr that celebrates fit not thin women, posting photos of healthy food and other strong, muscular women.

Her profile on Tumblr states: "Currently recovering from Anorexia Nervosa on a path to rediscovering freedom and a life uncontrolled by mind consuming demons. Clean eater and health and fitness freak, striving for ever growing progress rather than perfection."

After spending time in hospital to recover from the disease and visiting her GP for help, she said: "It was a long, difficult road, but with the support of my family, I knew I could get better. I deleted my secret blog and started another one about healthy living - eating well and exercise."

We think she's pretty amazing.

The end of the video is poignant, to say the least, in that she is a success story that can be held up as an inspiration of someone who was so determined to get well for herself and her family.

At the end of the video, she says: "Anorexia took so much from me, it also took time from life that i can never get back and I am determined to not allow it take any more. Anorexia is NOT a choice, it is NOT attention seeking and should be in NO WAY glamourised nor promoted.

"Recovery is hard but in my opinion watching how anorexia can tear not only your own life but also everyone else's life around you is harder."

For helplines, support and advice on eating disorders, visit BEAT. Call the adult helpline on 0845 634 1414 or the youth line on 0845 634 7650.