Hospitalisations have risen 84% in five years – with boys and young men increasingly impacted.
The one-off doc charted Nikki's rise to fame and her battle with anorexia, a year after her death from the eating disorder.
Experts agree earlier intervention can make all the difference – here's how to start the conversation.
After living with anxiety and surviving a suicide attempt, helping Emily conquer her anorexia helped me overcome my own mental demons, writes Mark Simmonds
"Young people who have been criticised about the way they look, or those who have experienced trauma or anxiety, may be more at risk."
"People love the way I look in that series, but I was very ill," the actor writes in his new autobiography.
“It takes up all your free time – anorexia is your only friend and the only thing you will trust."
The chart-topping singer battled the eating disorder as a teenager.
"A lot of people around me said they didn’t have a clue I was ill."