EDL Website Still Down After Alleged Hack By ZHC And Anonymous Hacktivists


After briefly coming back online after being hacked on Tuesday, the website of the English Defence League has now been taken completely offline.

Hacking collective, ZCompany Hacking Crew (ZHC) claim they are responsible but a message on the site blames a "hardware failure".

In addition, ZHC published what they claim are the names and mobile phone numbers of around 40 members.

EDL leader Tommy Robinson

Supporters of Anonymous under the Twitter handle of @Operation_EDL gave updates as the web page remained down.

ZHC give their motivations as being "an end to injustice, extremism, Racism, Zionism, lies, illegal occupations and all such evils".

The EDL claim to be a street protest group campaigning against Islamic extremism and the perceived spread of Sharia law in the UK.

Critics argue they are far-right group prone to violence and thuggery.

The group's leaders, Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll were charged on Wednesday with obstructing officers during a charity walk.

The EDL have been targeted by hackers before.

The loosely organised global network of hackers, had warned the EDL back in March that they would target the organisation.

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