22/08/2013 11:21 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Son Stole £50k Of Goods From Parents' Home - While They Took His Child On Holiday

Son stole £50k of goods from parents' home - while they took his child on holiday

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A mum and dad have been left stunned after their own SON ransacked their house and stole £50,000 of their belongings – while they were treating HIS child to a holiday.

Drug user Michael Pinkney offered to decorate mum Lynne and her husband Dave Hamer's Newcastle home while they went away to Spain with his son.

They returned to find their home stripped off their possessions, their floorboards torn up, and even their little grandson's piggy bank and toy boxes looted.

As Pinkney, 30, was jailed for five years yesterday, his heartbroken mum revealed that when she first saw the state of her home she felt like she had 'lost control of her body' and was unable to breathe.

The court heard that Pinkey's haul included £2,000 cash, beds, furniture, a laptop, jewellery, power tools, a television, washing machine and even his own son's toys, including his bicycle.

Mr Hamer said some of the stolen goods included gym equipment which were very heavy and must have been moved over a number of days by more than one person.

The Mail reports that they had trusted him with a key while they were away, and that he had been 'doing well' and apparently free from drugs before they left.

"Michael seemed to be doing well, and even had a nice girlfriend, but I have to break ties with Michael now," Mrs Hamer, 65, said, adding that she and her husband were still committed to caring for their grandchild.

Colleagues of the couple – who both work in social care - raised £350 to buy their grandson a new bike, toys and computer equipment, while the Hamer's two other sons helped replace the stolen furniture.

In court, Pinkney, from Stockton, admitted burglary between July 13 and 27 this year and a street robbery where he wrestled a 17-year-old girl 's handbag from her.

His legal representative, Uzma Khan, said Pinkney had been drug and offence free since 2004 but at the time of his crimes was dealing with the loss of his brother and father as well as a family row.

She said he was 'utterly remorseful'.

Sentencing, Judge Crowson told him Pinkney: "Your mother who is looking after your own child went on holiday and left you with access to their home.

"Thinking of yourself and your own drug dependency before they returned you ransacked the home an left an enormous amount of property missing."

The Hamers are currently pursuing a £23,000 claim on their house insurance but are yet to be paid out.