Dice+: Digital Dice For Next-Gen Board Games Launches At Gamescom 2013 (VIDEO)

There were lots and lots of games on show in Cologne this week at Gamescom. But there was only one dice - and arguably, it's more impressive than all the AAA games put together.

The all-digital Dice+ is a total reimaging of the humble six-sided die. It is able to interact with tablets and mobile phones, and change how it works when used with different games.

Using Bluetooth and an Android or iOS device, the dice can use its built-in accelerometer, thermometer and magnetometer to interact directly with a variety of games:

"Throughout the centuries, thousands of great games were developed around the world, with dice being a common feature of them. Where a game board has been replaced by a TV or tablet screen, we have decided to reinvent the dice and adjust it to a new world dominated by electronics. Thanks to this vision, DICE+ combines the fun of playing traditional board games with the endless possibilities offered by tablets."

The kit will cost just £29.99 when it launches in the UK.

It's launching with six titles available through the app, including:

  • Backgammon-a new digital version of one of the world's oldest games
  • Chuchumba-a fun game for kids which challenges their memory and arithmetic
  • DICE+ Heroes-a race to the finish where your fate is decided by a role of the DICE+
  • Rainbow Jack-a fast-paced strategy game
  • Rumble Stumble-Twister for your tablet!
  • This Way Up-a board game for kids inhabited by a host of animal characters

Take a look at how it works in the TV ad, above.