27/08/2013 06:18 BST | Updated 27/10/2013 05:12 GMT

Scoot Airlines Offers £9 Upgrade To Child-Free Seats

Singapore-based Scoot Airlines offers £9 upgrades to child-free zones (file picture)

It's hell on earth - or at least in the sky.

Yes, we're referring to those interminable flights blighted by the constant screaming of a baby or child.

Well one budget airline is offering the option of upgrading your seat to a child-free cabin - for the extraordinarily reasonable cost of just £9, the Telegraph reports.

That £9 will guarantee you a spot in rows 21-25, which are devoid of anyone under the age of 12 - plus more legroom on Singapore-based Scoot Airlines, which primarily flies to Sydney and Australia's Gold Coast.

"No offence to our young guests or those travelling with them - you will still have the rest of the aircraft," airline CEO Campbell Wilson told The Australian.

It follows a similar policy by AirAsia X, which came into effect earlier this year.

Malaysia Airlines started the trend in 2011 when it banned infants from first class and then designated a no-kids zone in economy class last year.

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